vorstandThis website is created for the preservation of the history of Muennichwies, a small town in what today is Slowakia. The Carpathian Germans that lived in the village were a tiny German group of people that lived there from the 12th century to 1945, when they were expelled.

Already at the turn of the century many emigrated to America, especially to the area around Charleroi, Pennsylvania, as the available resources around the Carpathian Mountains became increasingly scarce.

When WW II cam to an end, the German-speaking people of Muennichwies were driven from the area, and the refugees settled in war-struck Germany, Austria, and may again went to the U.S.

This website is a joint initiative of friends from both sides of the Atlantic. We want to help Muennichwies descendants with tracing (if possible) their family roots. We could also be of help to set up connections between relatives.

Muennichwies (named Vricko in Slovak, and Turoczremetein Hungarian) was established in 1113 by Germans who had moved there as the the local Magyar ruler had requested.

During the subsequent centuries these hard-working individuals developed a thriving community with its own customs and culture. At some time, the population of Muennichwies reached almost 3 thousand, all Roman Catholics who spoke German.

More recent history was not very kind. Around 1900, many of the people emigrated to America, to settle in the Charleroi, Pennsylvania, area. There, without any possessions except the energy and resolve that they were always known for, they succeeded in building up their new lives.